Virtual Mentoring Meetings. We will be organizing meetings, games, and fun conversations over the next upcoming weeks. Check back here for the schedule of Virtual Mentoring Meetings.

In the midst of this public health crisis, the REACH Mentoring Program has suspended all scheduled fundraisers, events, and after school programming until further notice.

We are however rolling out “virtual group mentoring” for those who are in our program but also for those young people who are not. These will be done via video/audio chat that students can access with either a smartphone, iPad, chromebook, computer, laptop etc.

We want to provide additional opportunities for young people to stay connected with peers, caring adults, their school and community during this quarantine in a safe manner.
We will host SOS meetings, check-in meetings, and even one-to-one meetings. By doing this, we strive to lower stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. Topics of discussion will be coping skills, ways to stay happy and healthy, fun activities to do at home, and open dialogue to listen and understand simply what our youth are going through.

As we go into our next few days and weeks of staying home, we wanted to invite those who want to be a part of our virtual group mentoring, to check out our Facebook page ( or our website ( to find out how to connect, as well as dates and times we are meeting (These will be posted soon).

As always, our youth are welcome to reach out to us directly by phone or email if they want to chat. Please stay safe and health everyone.

Dakota Koski, Executive Director
[email protected] – 218-499-4293
Anne Parish, Program Coordinator
[email protected] – 218-451-0970
Mackenzie Bassett, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow
[email protected] – 218-996-1641