November is the official start of MENTOR’s #ThankYourMentor campaign, a celebration of the power of mentoring. To participate, download the “My Mentor…” sign, and ask mentees to write a message about why they’re thankful for their mentors, and snap a photo or video. Need some thought starters? We have prompts available here.

Share photos/videos on social media using hashtag #ThankYourMentor. Retweet our messages of thanks throughout the month and encourage others to share their mentoring stories as well!

Thank Your Mentor Story Submission Contest
Anyone that submits their story to the Storytelling Repository in November will be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card:

1 entry per story
2 entries if it includes a photo
5 entries if it includes a video

A new winner will be chosen each week – encourage your
program participants to tell their mentoring stories!

Need more info? Download our informational one-pager to pass on to programs.