Mentoring is a great opportunity for community leaders to step up to the plate and form a positive and caring relationship with a young person. The commitment is to meet once a week for a year. The mentor and mentee plan what day/time to meet and what activity to do, making it work with almost anyone’s schedule. Great mentors possess many of the following characteristics: Commitment, a good listener, consistency, an interest in the young person’s experiences, and open-mindedness. All mentors must complete an interview, background check, reference check and training. Mentors can be 16 years of age or older. A small reimbursement stipend is available for mentors if needed as well. The main takeaway of who we are looking for is simply someone who can be a friend.    
~ REACH Staff
I’m more of like a brother or a friend, I guess, than a parent or anything. That’s the way I try to act when I am with my mentee. I don’t want them to think that I’m like a teacher or a parent or something… I don’t want my mentee to be uncomfortable, I would want them to feel safe and open to share things with me that’s going on in their life. I just want to be there as a friend to offer support.
~ REACH Mentor