October Programming

Please RSVP to Anne, Dakota or Maggie if you want to attend. Most events have a meal provided and we need head counts in order to have the correct amount of food. Participants need to contact staff well in advance if they need help with transportation. Maggie – 218-380-2587 Dakota…

Virtual Mentoring Schedule

We are having virtual video meetings. If you’ve downloaded the app already, simply click the link below attached to the date and time, otherwise follow the instructions if you still need to download the app https://reachmentoringprogram.com/virtual-mentoring-instructions/. If you have questions reach out to us directly. Monday at 3:30pm: Join Zoom…

Anne & Raven Attend the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs and the American Institutes for Research

The  Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs and the American Institutes for Research, funded the attendance and active participation of 20 youth and their adult supporters from across the United States in a Listening Session to Identify How to Support Youth Decision-Making. One of REACH Mentoring’s peer mentors and SOS founder, Raven…

Since 1993

Our Mission

To provide supportive and meaningful mentoring relationships to the youth of Carlton County.

Our Vision

We envision a community where every youth experiences a variety of positive and encouraging relationships that provide a sense of belonging and allows each youth the ability to achieve their full potential both individually and as members of the community.

Our Objective

To use our Four Cornerstones of Mentoring to foster relationships between peers, adults, groups, and help our community facilitators, social workers, and youth support service professionals within our community make a difference for the kids who need it most.


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